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Our projects are complemented with the services of formation and maintenance of our facilities and equipment. For Wayang the maintenance is the most important part to obtain the success of our projects. We offer an integral service that allows to the client the safety of which Tv's sign and radio is received in all the centers of emission, as well as in the network of transmission of the sign. We have software of control and management to detect breakdowns, and technical crew in the area that periodically realize the works of maintenance of the installations according to the prescriptions of the manufacturers. .


Wayang focuses its services in the Engineering and project conception with the best manufacturers, having in it counts always the real needs of his clients. For it, at every project we are employed with chosen manufacturers who allow to propose solutions with quality and optimized to the needs of the client. We have been employed for the integration of transmitters Projects at Portugal and other countries with the brand Elti, and collaborated close to the Spanish brand EGATEL at TDT's projects at Mali and Tanzania. We are distributors of several Portuguese and Spanish manufacturers as Emek Modulates Globally, Insyte, etc.


Result of our experience in projects of implantation of the TDT, we realize a complex and exact study to guarantee the coverage in those points of population that our client needs to cover, proposing transmitters measured for the best receipt in the housings of the users. In case of shades of emission, we propose GAP's Fillers utilization capable of refilling those points where they could exist and give the same standards of receipt.

Supply and

Wayang's strong point is the project execution as integral solution key in hand, which allows his safety and guarantee to our clients during the whole cycle of implantation. Our experience as collaborators of our manufacturers, allows also the partial execution of his solutions and his integration. We are in the habit of displacing to our own integrators or collaborating with local companies in those countries that we consider the knowledge of the area to be very important. .


Wayang is an independent engineering capable of providing the best solutions to his clients, offering experienced and professional personnel with several projects of TDT's integration in several countries. We have the best management tools and conception of technical projects, as well as the human resources and technical personnel necessary for his implantation.

TV Signal

Wayang is present in the whole chain of emission of Tv's sign, from the codification and multiplex of the contents, the technical resources for the distribution via IP networks up to the centers of emission, the transmitters and the necessary radiant systems. We have also the technical resources for the certification and test of the signs of Tv and of his correct receipt in the spaces of reception.


Wayang proposes for solutions in TDT the standard DVB-T2 for the improvement of the capacities and optimization of the spectrum and the quality necessary for signs in HD. We are capable of providing solutions for other types of standards as the DTMB and others, on those markets that request it us.


We have the best technical specialists in different disciplines of the implantation of the TDT, specialists in works of height for the placement of the links microwave and radiant systems in the towers of telecommunications, as well as the technical resources necessary for the construction of towers to heights of 100 mts or more. We have also the best solutions for the conception of head-ends for the management of all the signs of the television and its technical control.